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What Employees Want in a Benefits Package

Open enrollment periods can certainly be a stressful time for anyone that carries a Job Title similar to “Director of Human Resources”. You may certainly spend many days wondering if you’ve developed and properly rolled out a plan that your employees will utilize — and that will ultimately benefit your entire organization.

Feedback Image: Courtesy of FreeDigitialPhotos.netAt times like those, you may certainly wonder how much easier your job would be if you only knew what types of health care plans were important to employees.

Well, at CBG Benefits, we help our clients make that type of wish a reality.

Utilizing Surveys to Gather Critical Employee Feedback

HR managers can reap tremendous rewards down the line by putting together an early initiative to reach out to employees to find out what’s truly important to them in a health care plan. While it’s possible to make educated guesses on that based on standard data on hand (i.e. How many employees are married? How many have children? What are the age ranges of our employees?), employers may need to dig a bit deeper to find out what’s truly important.

One of the most effective ways that we have seen companies do this is by building an online survey that is distributed to employees via email and web portals.

A truly effective survey does not need to be lengthy. Rather, one that is concise and filled with relevant questions can truly bring in valuable data for the organization.

By simply asking employees to choose, rank, or weight which types of plans are valuable to them, your will be equipping your organization with data that can guide future decisions.

Multiple Benefits of Running Employee Surveys

There truly are many goals that may be realized by running this type of survey prior to Open Enrollment. Here are two big ones:

  • Demonstrates to employees that employers care and value their opinion: Employees often feel powerless when they can only provide feedback after-the-fact — after the plan has been chosen and rolled out. By distributing a survey beforehand, it demonstrates that employers truly recognize how important the plan decision is to everyone inside the company.
  • Enables employers to educate employees about options: Items such as high-deductible health plans, HRA’s, HSA’s can certainly bring value to an organization. However, employees may not understand how they work or how they may potentially benefit them as an individual. Employers can use a survey question to provide details on these types of plans and accounts, and then allow employees to express if they have any interest.

Ready to Run a Survey for your Company?

Yes, open-enrollment season will always be a time when HR managers and directors do experience longer days and additional periods of stress. But running an employee survey ahead of that time can play a tremendous role in improving the success of your efforts.

CBG Benefits can help you to effectively develop, distribute, and analyze an Employee Survey that will help your organization achieve its goals.

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