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Why Your Wellness Program Needs Data to Thrive

Here are 5 ways that data can help you to improve the success of your workplace wellness program.

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I recently came across an article in the Boston Business Journal that covered a “hot-button” topic: employee wellness and data collection.

When it comes to those items, employers certainly need to be concerned about privacy, especially in relation to laws such as HIPAA and GINA. But at the same time, employers should not allow privacy concerns to completely scare them away from utilizing data. When it’s done properly and legally, data can bring tremendous benefits to an organization’s wellness efforts.

5 Benefits of Integrating Wellness and Data

Below are five of the key benefits that companies can receive by utilizing data in their wellness program.

  • Understand the overall health situation at your company: By analyzing a data snapshot, employers can easily view current and past information on the health status of your workforce.
  • Measure effectiveness of your wellness program: By collecting data over a long period of time, employers can determine how effective their wellness initiatives are. This data can be converted into actionable insight for improving a wellness program to accommodate employees’ changing needs.
  • Demonstrate value to management: Wellness data is often the tangible evidence that an employer needs to demonstrate the effectiveness of their wellness program. It can play a tremendous role in convincing management to support and continue to fund wellness efforts.
  • Improve recruiting efforts: Today, organizations are looking for every edge they can get to attract top talent. By sharing overall health data with recruits, your organization shows evidence that your company cares about the wellness of its employees.
  • Benchmark against the competition: There is no doubt that a little bit of competition can help to motivate employees. By benchmarking your company’s wellness data against competitors in your industry and region, you can provide extra incentive to help your employees achieve their wellness goals.

Additional Information

Privacy concerns will always be a very important factor when it comes how employers collect data. Companies must ensure that their efforts are compliant with laws that protect the personal privacy of their employees.

But when it’s done properly, data can help the entire company to succeed in their wellness efforts.

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