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Why Your Workplace Wellness Effort Needs a Plan

How proper planning can lead your workplace wellness program to success.

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At the end of 2012, Sharlyn Lauby (a.k.a. “HR Bartender”) wrote an excellent post that discussed the intersection of HR and Marketing.

There are a number of ways those departments can help each other. One example is in a Workplace Wellness program. In that effort, many marketing disciplines should be followed. This may include creating compelling compelling, identifying advocates, and executing a multi-channel, multi-touch promotional effort.

But even before a company gets to that point, another marketing fundamental needs to be followed — planning.

The Benefits of Having a Plan

In marketing, a plan becomes the road-map for achieving one’s business goals. The same applies to workplace wellness.

Having an outcome-oriented plan for workplace wellness is important because it:

  • Links wellness initiatives to company needs and strategic priorities
  • Legitimizes the program, which increases the likelihood of continued resources and support
  • Provides continuity for the program when personnel changes occur
  • Serves as a means to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs

Are You Planning to Succeed?

Whether a company is looking at a marketing effort or at implementing a wellness program, careful planning can ensure that it reaps all of the potential benefits.

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